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Colorfun freeze pops

Pop up your summer time 

taste of Childhood 

Nothing brings back the taste of childhood like an ice pop. The taste of an ice pop can instantly transport you to summers playing carefree with friends when life was simpler. Who doesn’t remember using both hands to hold the ice pop? Give your children the pleasure of enjoying childhood with the many flavors of ice pop. Create lasting memories together, enjoy a sweet staple of summer, and grab an ice pop for the ones you love.

Staple of Summer 

What is a staple of summer you ask? Ice pops! Remember the days, when school was out and playing outside was the only thing on your to-do list all day? Just about everyone has spent a summer with their tongue stained with the color of an ice pop. When Mom went to the grocery store, ice pops were always on the list. How many times did the freezer open the door, and a voice could be heard hollering, “Mom, can I get an ice pop?”

Simple and Delicious

 In the age of Pinterest moms and jam-packed busy childhoods, it can be hard to find something simple to delight in. But, some things never go out of style, some things that time does not change. Ice pops is one of those things. They are simplistic in design and taste. 


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