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Freeze Pops

Finally a great tasting freezer pop packed with healthy benefits. Fun Treats, Inc. in Cleveland TN has developed a Prebiotic Freezer Pop with immune support.

The fruit flavored Freezer Pops combine the digestive health benefits of prebiotic dietary fiber with the systemic immune health benefits of Wellmune, a natural immune boost ingredient.

Immune support already ranks among consumers as the third most sought after functional benefit, according to a survey published in 2012 in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Interest in prebiotics is rapidly going main stream as awareness grows for their vital role in nourishing probiotic activity in the digestive system.

“Prebiotic Freezer Pops with immune support are a functional treat that everyone in the family can enjoy right out of the freezer,” said John Allman, General Manager, Fun Treats, Inc. “Consumers will now have the option to choose a freezer pop that is not only refreshing but has the added benefit of helping to maintain their health.”

Suggested serving size is 1 ice pop daily for small children, 2 daily for older children and 3 per adult. The pops are available in packages of eight 3-oz. pops in assorted flavors. They are expected to have a suggested retail price in the range of $2.00-$2.50. Prebiotic Freezer Pops with Immune Support are available for distribution throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

About Fun Treats

Cleveland, Tenn.-based Fun Treats, Inc., established in 1989, manufactures fruit-flavored freezer pops and novelty beverages. Its’ markets are in the United States, Canada, and Caribbean.